Would anybody be interested in a "Share & Care" arrangement in BOA?

Hello to everyone in Bradford on Avon.
We all know that house prices in our town are now & have been for a while, out of the reach of first time buyers or low paid key workers.
And renting is very expensive in BOA & across the whole country.

Are there ways to help this situation?
Ideally i’d like to see house prices fall to a realistic level, however with so much vested interest in keeping prices high it seems unlikely.
With no government or local affrodable housing. And unless you want to claim or are eligible for housing benefit there are no options in Bradford on Avon (As far as i can see)
For example Kingston Mills runs a government  backed scheme, however its still not affordable, same market prices, just more accessible debt.
We have reached a stage where we have a generational split, perhaps there are opportunities that can help us all in our communities by sharing?

Yesterday, there was an interesting article  on Radio 4 discussing a scheme that has been running in the US & parts of Europe.

Essentially it matches elderly people who live alone, with a live-in companion who can provide practical help and support.
In return, it gives responsible people working or studying, the opportunity to find an affordable home to live in.

By Sharing with an older Homeowner, they can also find friendship as well as having a safe home in which to live.

So, with this in mind i have been looking for such groups / organistaions in the local area.
I cannot find any such group.

Questions to Bradford on Avon:
– Would anybody be interested in doing this?
– Is this a good idea?
Please leave as many comments, as i think there is a genuine need & this could really help our community.

If you are interested in having a responsible person share your home which benefits both of parties. Please contact me Richard on: 01225869140 and we can discuss.



    • Interesting, I understand the good intentions to accomodate those key workers at a reasonable cost.

      My husband works average of 60 odd hours (this is normal would be 37.5hrs week) since this is generally expected from a manager.

      In my time as an employee I have done the same on a fixed income. Since the 2008 crash I have been able to find odd contract so am de facto ‘seasonally unemployed’ but seek no wellfare help.

      Salary of people workingin these roles are an equivalent to that of their junior less paid (in contractual salary)colleagues who come in at 9 and get out at 5, with no worries in the world.

      To top it all off we do not live in exactly affordable or in fact freehold property, so any suggestion of OVERPRICED property is way too late.

      From my recollection in 2000 (before the housing bubble) there were people who were not able to buy. What went wrong is allowing those in the social housing (at the time 2000 onwards) to buy (£90k property in Hants under the right to buy) and sell on the open market for £158k. So there was a couple which lived off and had de facto property paid for by the tax payer, sold it on, and than bought a brand new detached house in Hants. This is something we could not do, as an full-time employed !

      To revert to social justice where all are equal is impossible! There are those who decided to DO more than others and USE less, yet they are being punished.

      So, taff, get on with it, live in Trowbridge or Westbury until you can and are willing to afford BoA.

      It is all about location, I live in BoA in leasehold and have significant costs relating to it, but would I like to live in any other town in Wilts…..I do not think so.


      Spanish property market fed off expats buying with the view of enjoying sun, so this pushed their prices up (to outerspace in some cases) reducing opportunites and creating similar problems to those your article proposes to tackle.

      Personally I cannot see any option for elderly and their lodgers ‘getting on’ on long term basis.

      Perhaps the society should rethink the need to get out of the door at 6am and get back in at 7pm, wasting time on commuting.

      It would be better to arrange ‘family farms’ and do something productive…feed and care about people, have family unit structures. In fact not just have children, but also bring them up properly, with values and respect for people and property…the good old fashion way.

      Less 15 year old single mums accomodates in social housing, piling up more yobs and streaching police and social services….

    • I feel that BOA should be doing more to provide affordable housing. I cannot comment on home ownerships as the property market is not likely to unravel today or tomorrow. However, the rental market is through the roof!And I am saddened that local estate agents are charging extortionate fee’s on top of the high rent @ rate of £200! per application.I repeat £200 per application.This is non-refundable and outrageous. I work in admin and I would have no clients if I charged £200 per job.

      Renting was traditionally for those who could not afford to buy, was a low cost alternative. Bradford-On-Avon was a few years ago an affordable place to rent. Now a one bed is £500, before council tax and Bills. Please remember that local businesses employ staff around £6-8 per hour. It’ s an easy calulation. 37.5 hours x £6.00= £225.00 before tax and NI. So that’s approx £900 per month gross. So it’s impossible for someone to afford a £500 rent. Quite simple really. So you can’t have your cake and eat it! Low salaries but high rentals. So take time to consider, the gardners, the cleaners, the farm hands, the people at the local shop, the local bank-the people you rely on to provide YOU services.

      Many locals 40+ are claiming benefits to live here. People you would not assume are claiming benefits. It’s a sort of hushed underclass that BOA doesn’t want to acknowledge. It’s not enough to have a pretty river and flowers, we’ve got to address the real economy within the town and support those people we want to pay low wages to, to have a place to live. Otherwise BOA can just squeeze everyone out who doesn’t fit to Westbury and Trowbridge?? which smacks of immense snobbery.

      Com’on let’s set an example to other towns to respect different levels of income, careers, jobs, abilities, resources and opportunities. MORE AFFORDABLE HOUSING PLEASE.

    • Hi ,
      I live in Australia. Over here we have some NGOs that have services where they match up young people with the elderly. Attempts are made to connect people with similiar personalities and interests, so they are more likely to be compatible, and it does work very well. The young people do jobs around the house or garden in return for low or no rent. There may be some organizations that do this also in the UK, or maybe would be interested in starting up a program. Good luck with it. It’s a great idea.

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