Wanted: Looking for employment in BoA or surrounding areas

Hi I am currently unemployed after relocating to Bradford-on-Avon, have been working for a chef agency, but am looking for permanent work, I am a trained sous chef and have many years experience in my profession as a chef, if anyone has any vacancies for a sous chef I would be happy to send you my C.V, thanks for looking. you can email me on ten.k1597022436latkl1597022436at@1e1597022436kip.j1597022436

(Submitted by: Anthony Pike)


    • Firstly, welcome to the area!

      I think there’s a vacancy at Woolley grange for a sous chef – link below


      Also, you may have seen some messages on this site for staff for the new sebastiens bistro. There are likely to be other catering businesses opening up at Kingston mills in the near future I would think

      Good luck!


    • Hi, I moved to the area about six months ago and am now looking for a job myself, I work p/t importing products from Italy, I am interested in food and have seen a few jobs in the area for Sous Chef by looking on Gum Tree, Monster, indeed.co.uk….Bath had a few jobs going for Souse Chef…I shouldn’t think you will have a problem.. Good luck. Deborah 🙂

    • thanks people for your reply, any one know of any temp work going for my partner, she is qualified carer for elderly, but is looking to work in residential setting not home care as she does not know her way around the area, she is nvq 4 qualified, but is only looking for about one years work at present

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