The Friends of The Strips

FRIENDS OF THE STRIPS – Family Fun Day 2013
First, thankyou to everyone who participated in our public consultation. We have almost finished digesting the results and will publish an updated Wood Management Plan on our website shortly.
We are holding our second Family Fun Day in The Strips on Sunday 6th October. Last year’s event was a great success with over 400 visitors, lots of woodland activities, a walking trail and the various stalls did great business. This year we are focusing on young people and have invited all the local clubs, groups and associations with activities for young people to have a stall or activity showing what they have on offer. If your kids have ever said “I’m Bored!” then make a date for the Fun Day. There are a few spaces left for private stalls so if you have anything you’d like to sell, from jumble to home made jam, then please contact us. A six foot stall costs just £10.
Finally our working parties continue to make an impression of the woods and many of you will have seen the dead hedging we have laid to help stabilise the most eroded banks. Unfortunately someone took against our hard work and completely destroyed one 60’ length of dead hedging and removed all the stakes from the other length. We’ve re-staked the survivor and will re-instate the other on later. If you want to join our working parties details are on our smart new notice board by the Scout Hut entrance to The Strips.
Jan Windsor
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