Neighbourhood Plan Road Show

Why do we need a Neighbourhood Plan?

There have been many changes in Bradford on Avon in the last 20 years and we can expect to see many more. Under the Localism Act, we can write a Neighbourhood Plan to ensure that local views are given more consideration in planning decisions which affect us. If we don’t, outside developers may try to impose their views on our town.

We want your help. Neighbourhood plans need to reflect the views of the local community. The plan will be shaped by your responses. We’re not looking at major expansion in Bradford on Avon – we just want to leave the town in good heart for future generations to enjoy.

We’re not starting from scratch – there have been several consultations and initiatives over the years which have helped us write a vision. Firstly, we need to know if you agree with the vision and the ways it could be put into action.

We’ll be asking for everyone’s views, and then we’ll then produce a draft plan.
It will include positive proposals for conservation of our buildings and open spaces and ideas for future projects. At that stage you will have another opportunity to tell us what you think. If it’s approved, subject to a referendum in the town, it becomes a major consideration in the assessment of future planning applications.

Please come to one of the events below, or visit

to find out more and fill in the questionnaire.


March 4th Priory Barn, Newtown 5-8pm

Then we’ll be in the Wiltshire Roadshow van in the car parks listed below:


March 5th Sainsburys 9-12 noon


March 6th Avon Club, Trowbridge Rd 9-12 noon


March 6th St Laurence School 2-5pm


March 7th St Margaret’s Hall 9-12 noon

and finally:

Thursday March

14th Library foyer 10-1pm.

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