Minna Gillham Young Sports Person of the Year Award 2013

Do you know a young person under the age of 18, resident in Bradford on Avon, who has excelled at any sport or a young person who has contributed to sport in the community?
If you do the Town Council would like to know about them.

The Minna Gillham Award has been initiated by the Council in recognition of the particular interest in sport for young people held by the late Town Councillor Minna Gillham who died in 2004.

Please contact Bradford on Avon Town Council for a Nomination Form at ku.vo1596454661g.lic1596454661nuocn1596454661wotno1596454661vanod1596454661rofda1596454661rb@tt1596454661eltra1596454661bardn1596454661as1596454661

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