Martyn Whittock author publishes Trump and the Puritans book

LIGHT is being cast on complicated topics like President Donald Trump’s election by Bradford-on-Avon author.

Martyn Whittock, 61, is a retired teacher and has just released his 49th book – Trump and the Puritans.

Many people on this side of the Atlantic are confused as to why Trump won the election, Martyn wrote his latest book to explain the reasons behind it.

He said: “Trump is so popular even for evangelicals, 33.7 million people voted for him, so we have been exploring why that is.

“From this side of it all people find it hard to get their head around it, certainly with everything that’s going on in America. What happens over there affects us and we wanted to explain it in a way that people can understand, it’s not to condone or condemn but just to explain.”

Martyn who has been writing books since 1991 has worked alongside James Roberts, an assistant editor at The Tablet, to write the book together.

He’s since made an appearance on Sky to talk about the new book.

Martyn told the Adver: “Me and my co-author went on the Adam Boulton’s show All Out Politics. That was really great and so much fun.”

He will be taking one his books across the ocean as he’s set to give a talk in New York in May.

This talk is about his 48th book which was released only last year called Mayflower Lives.

“I’m really excited to go and do the talk, my book is about the English Ship The Mayflower and how it transported people from England to America,” Martyn said.

“When I was heading over there whilst I was doing my research before it was written, I was on a coach. This coach happened to have Mayflower descendants, which was quite amazing and unbelievable.

“They were so interested in what I was working on but obviously I was so interested in them for my research, it was quite unexpected.”

But there’s no stopping for Martyn as he’s already working on his 50th book about the history of the USSR police.

He said: “This book will be out in June this year, it’s a bit different and it has big issues to talk about like the Novichok poisoning in Salisbury.”

He is also planning on writing books more books in the future with his daughter Esther on women of faith.

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