Kingston Mills Development awards – for what exactly?

Kingston Mills Development in the heart of Bradford on Avon is a great new attraction to the town. However the developers are incredibly hard to contact, avoid emails and don’t react to negative feedback, which of course leads to great amounts of frustration.
So far in the National Press they appear to have won or been awarded five awards for outstanding multi usage of a new development, however if you speak to residents and business owners, unfortunately they have something very different to say.
If you have any comments, grievances or just want to air your views, then please say something about this issue.


    • At Kingston Mills we need a site manage who is easy to communicate with and will solve our problems – not someone who is often tied up with the site management and building supervision. The only person, Steve, who helped us a lot, has for some reason, been made redundant – this shows a total lack of understanding of the residents and their problems.

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