Kingston Farm Plans Friday 17th May Swan Hotel – News Release



The planning application for the employment and housing development at Kingston Farm has now been submitted to Wiltshire Council. You can see the plans and discuss them with the development team at an exhibition next FRIDAY 17 MAY (2:00pm–5:00pm) and SATURDAY 18 MAY (10:00am–2:00pm) in the COACH HOUSE at the SWAN HOTEL.

The scheme will help two key businesses in the town to expand, and will create 300+ new jobs over the next five years. A total of 138 quality one bedroom to five bedroom homes will be provided, as well as more than 5.5 acres of allotments, woodland and recreation spaces.

The scheme also includes more than £2.5 million of estimated expenditure on community elements – and it will generate a further £1.24 million from the Government’s New Homes Bonus scheme, paid to Wiltshire Council but a proportion of which will be allocated to the town.

If the scheme is approved during the summer, the new Anthony Best Dynamics factory will open by the end of next year, with housing phased over the period 2015-19.

Planning application documents can also be seen at the development website (, at the Bradford on Avon Town Council offices and on the Wiltshire Council public access portal.

Contact: Gerald Milward-Oliver (07802 335969 / ku.oc1597346742.krow1597346742snwot1597346742@dlar1597346742eg1597346742)

(submitted by Gerald Milward-Oliver)


    • The developers’ consultant admitted at the Area Board on March 13 that this development would increase traffic on the Town Bridge by ~3%, ie by ~600 daily vehicles on annual average. This implies ~10% increase in Silver Street, which will almost certainly push the nitrogen dioxide levels over the European limit. Together with exceedance in Masons Lane, Bradford would thereby become doubly non-compliant.

      This conflicts with the aims of Wiltshire’s Air Quality Action Plan/s, and qualifies this development as unsustainable by making existing environmental problems worse.

      As the negative traffic impact would be in addition to the impending ~20% increase in Silver Street from Kingston Mills (based on that developers’ 2006 Transport Assessment), the hastening of the Kingston Farm development from its original later phasing in the Core Strategy is particularly undesirable.

    • Weren’t we expecting a new pedestrian route from the development in to the town centre, well away from Holt Road’s traffic?

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