IT DVD display with kidnapped child model at Sainsbury’s stores

A MUM blasted a supermarket which has posted a dummy ‘victim’ child – in clothes you can buy – alongside horror DVDs at the front of the store.

The film IT is now out on DVD and the plotline of the film is that a murderous clown kidnaps children.

The mum was horrified to see a dummy child – dressed in a bright yellow jacket, like the one in the film – and the DVDs right at the front of a store, where she says it could unsettle children, especially those with additional needs.

All of the items clothing the dummy child are available to buy, too.

Although the store in which she saw this display is in Winnersh, Berkshire, other parents have told us they have seen similar displays in local stores including Didcot and Kidlington.

The mum messaged Sainsbury’s and was told – in messages seen by this paper – that the display had been designed by Sainsbury’s head office and is ‘appropriate’ for use anywhere in the store.

But, they added, it was up to individual stores to decide where they would place it.

The mum says she spoke to the store manager who didn’t understand why the display would be scary – because they have never seen the film.

Says the mum: “When I explained that the plot (that children get kidnapped by an evil clown) he said ‘oh I see what you mean, I haven’t seen it.

“Luckily I wasn’t with my child – they would have been petrified and refused to go into the store if she had seen it.

“It’s not an appropriate display for a store where families shop.”

She added: “And why would they dress up the model in clothes you can buy in store? Who would see that and think ‘that jacket is great for my child’?”

Sainsbury’s has been contacted for comment.

Do you think the display is appropriate?

This is Wiltshire


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