Homes for Swifts in Bradford on Avon

As well as working to reduce carbon emissions in the town and raise awareness of climate change, Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon has a very active biodiversity group which has, among other activities, planted many trees and wildflowers around the area. Swifts are an iconic bird in the town and, becoming aware of the challenges they face and that numbers seem to be reducing in the town, a Swift group has been formed as an offshoot of the biodiversity group.

This small but keen group have had a great deal of help and encouragement from Stephen Fitt of the RSPB Exeter office and, as well as keeping an eye on planning applications that could affect the nesting place of Swifts, we have obtained a grant of £500 from Link2Nature.

This money is being used to purchase Swift bricks and nest boxes. Three of the former are being installed in new buildings in the centre of town and the boxes being put up in likely places where screaming parties have been seen in previous years. We are now working out how to play the calls to attract them to these boxes and have been exchanging information with the Limpley Stoke Swift group who are also working on this. Another project has been to alter the dovecot holes on newly renovated St Margaret’s Hall in the town centre to make them suitable for Swifts.

We have also had an exhibition in the library about Swifts which attracted a lot of interest with every leaflet put out being taken. Now we await the arrival of the Swifts and just hope they will use and appreciate their new homes.

If anyone in the Bradford on Avon area would like to join us please email moc.l1597060766iamg@1597060766snoip1597060766mahce1597060766tamil1597060766c1597060766 or ring 07507 782523 We also welcome any information on exactly where Swifts are nesting in the town as this is something we intend to try to map


    • Hello , We are very interested in joining your group and in particular the activities concerning the swifts and other wild birds in the BOA area. We live in in Trowbridge and last year we had many swifts feeding in and around our home. They were not nesting as far as we could see but were spending a lot of time each day displaying for us over the back gardens.


      Anthony & Sue Balecke
      12 The Down

    • Hello,
      We would like to find out more information on the swifts in Bradford on Avon.
      When do you expect them to return?
      We had many displaying/feeding last summer flying majestically over our back garden in Trowbridge.



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