Green call for 5p carrier charge

Following the showing of ”Plastic Shores” at our June meeting, the decision was taken to launch a petition to urge England to follow Wales, Ireland and now Scotland and make a 5p charge for plastic carrier bags. The petition reads:

”Plastic carrier bags create litter and pollution as well as using valuable resources such as oil and water in their production, releasing damaging carbon emissions. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have introduced a charge of 5p for plastic bags and as a result have reduced their use by up to 90%. We, the undersigned, urge the government in England to do the same and for any proceeds from a charge for bags to be donated to environmental charities.”

We already have over 600 signatures and almost everyone we ask seems to support the idea. Copies are available to sign at Christine’s Sustainable Supermarket and Made in Bradford on Avon. We do urge you to visit one of those shops and sign it as soon as possible. We will obviously have copies at meetings as well. Once we have a good number of signatures (at least 1000) we will present it to our MP and hope he can take the idea forward. If anyone would like copies of the petition to gather more signatures please email: moc.l1596615161iamg@1596615161snoip1596615161mahce1596615161tamil1596615161c1596615161

This is Wiltshire

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