Fury over Bradford on Avon roundabout chaos

DESPITE taking a year to complete the roundabout by the new Kingston Farm development, the situation with the nearby roads is even worse than before, says a Bradford on Avon resident.

John Gibbs, of Alisa House in Holt Road, is furious that over such a long period of time, the roads, pavements and traffic issues along Holt Road have still not gone away, in fact, he says the decision to build the roundabout has backfired horribly.

Although the roundabout is finished, the 68-year-old is fed up of the single lane restrictions, the two weeks where a deep trench has been left but nobody has worked on it and the fact that when he calls Wiltshire Council to complain about this, he is getting bounced around from person to person in an unhelpful way.

Mr Gibbs also said that the roundabout has proved ineffective, as cars just cut across it, and that the new bus stop area just past the roundabout is in a position where even more traffic will build up – something that may ease up when the lights are removed by June 21 when the work should be finished.

“For 14 months we have had to put up with traffic lights on the B3107 Holt Road, which is quite laughable and totally indefensible and still there seems to be no end in sight,” he said. Having finally completed the roundabout associated with the new development at Kingston Farm, taking a full year to do so, work immediately commenced on what appears to be laying of cables from the roundabout down into town. “There has been a single lane restrictions on the stretch for the last six weeks; work has progressed extremely slowly, with often only two people present at any one time. “So far only 200 metres has been completed. The work rate has now gone from dead slow to full stop. For the last two weeks there has been absolutely no activity on the site, which is left with a deep trench, fencing and traffic lights. “The traffic build-up into the town has been huge. I just cannot understand it. Also the bus stop is in such an unsuitable place as it is a very narrow bit of road which causes. I want there to be a solution to this but I would not trust this lot with much seeing as how they have messed up so much of this place. They should have left it as it was.”

Mr Gibbs also pointed to the uneven roads and pavements as another sign that the building works were not good enough.

A Wiltshire Council spokesperson said:

“CG Fry Ltd was issued license to install a rising main. This work is being carried out on their behalf by Tithegrove Limited. Unfortunately, after work had started, Tithegrove Limited experienced engineering difficulties which required liaison and agreement with Wessex Water before it could continue. They have now had this, meaning work has restarted and is expected to be completed by June 21.”

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