Four arrests after refugee drama in Marlborough

Four men have been arrested after being found stowed away in a horse box in Marlborough.

Sue and Jeremy Riches, from Pattingham, Staffordshire, had stopped at their son’s house in London Road when they made the discovery.

They were bringing furniture back from a house they’d sold in France.

“We had just unloaded part of the trailer, and I was looking to see what to do next,” Sue told BBC Wiltshire.

“Suddenly, two immigrants appeared, which is a really horrible fright when it first happens.”

“Then there were two more in the back of the trailer hiding under bin liners,” she said.

“They looked absolutely exhausted and they were just standing there with their heads down.”

They said they had placed tamper proof tape and fastenings. But they noticed they had been damaged after returning from dinner in Caen before boarding the ferry, and raised their concerns with border officials.

“They climbed up and looked in but couldn’t see anything untoward,” said Jeremy.

This is Wiltshire


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