Find out if your home is losing heat

A house leaking heatThe Thermal Image Project by Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon is a searchable database of about 1000 homes in BoA, photographed with a thermal imaging camera to see where heat is escaping.

You can see if your home is included by going to the site and entering your address or postcode.

From the site:

leaflet about thermal imaging was delivered to various streets in the area, followed by taking photos with a thermal imaging camera to see how useful a tool this might be in enabling householders to take practical action to keep the heat in and ultimately save money on energy bills. This programme took place in February and March 2012. Thermal images show where heat is escaping from your home, with the heat loss hotspots shown up in bright red.   The objectives of the above programme were to look at houses built between 1945 and the late 1980s and to take street by street photographs of houses built at the same time. Photographing a whole street of similar houses means it’s possible to see common problems, and also whether anybody has found a solution which can then be shared with neighbours.



    • Whatever happened to this, I put my name forward and nothing happened? Does anyone have a thermal imaging camera I could borrow? I thank you.

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