Eye sore bins finally ditched

UNSIGHTLY bins which have been an eye sore for people living in flats in Bradford on Avon for the past 8 years have finally been removed and will be replaced with flower beds in the new year.

Residents have won the battle to remove the bins opposite the Co-Op in Lamb Yard, and the new ‘living wall’ will help combat air pollution after the town council recently declared a climate emergency.

In the fight to get the bins removed, residents called on the help of Stephanie Edwards from Customer First to find out who owned the pavement and to seek a solution.

She said: “We have worked tirelessly, with the support of many residents here, to find a solution.

“The final straw was fly tipping by other commercial properties which had food produce within, hence rats and cats had a field day ripping them apart. Enough was enough.

“I have researched the numerous benefits of a living, the most important air quality. The leaves of plants filter out pollutants from the air and absorb dust particles. This helps decrease smog formation.

“The idea has had a brilliant response from many groups in BOA, particularly as a living wall does much to combat pollution.

Recently re-elected MP Michelle Donelan said: “I would like to thank Stephanie for heading up this fantastic project to sort the walls out in Bradford on Avon. I would be more than happy to help advertise and support efforts, as well as the project itself, as I completely agree with them on the need to clean up our air, locally and nationally.”

Funding is now being secured to start the flower bed project in the new year.

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    • Thank goodness those awful bins and associated dumped rubbish have been removed permanently! The new planters look lovely. Thanks to everyone who brought this about!

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