Return The Plastic

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Sainsburies, Bradford-on-Avon
12:00 – 1:30pm Saturday 7th April

Return the Plastic is a movement to take the problem back to its source. This event is running alongside the Return the Plastic Frome event and is supported by the East Mendip Green Party.

Manufacturers, supermarkets and coffee-chains make massive profits whilst producing and distributing huge quantities of single-use plastic packaging.
Much of this is not accepted or collected by local recycling and so becomes part of landfill or free-ranging plastic pollution of the environment.

Call for Action
Here’s what to do: Over the next few weeks, carefully save up all the plastic which your council will not collect:
food pots, tubs and trays, plastic covers and lids, plastic bottle-tops, frozen food bags etc.

Rinse off food remains and sort it into bags of where it came from. So we will return to Sainsbury’s only the plastic rubbish from items sold at Sainsbury’s etc.
Get your friends to add to your collection…include plastic litter but any food must be rinsed of