Conigre Car Park. New Ownership

millie-thumbOwnership of Conigre Hill Car Park has changed. Wiltshire Council has transferred it to a new company set up by the people who live along Bradford on Avon’s hillside footpaths.

The car park is now managed and maintained by residents at their own expense.  So it is no longer a free car park, and only members of HiCIC –the Bradford on Avon Hillside Community Interest Company – are entitled to park there.

Hillside residents may apply to join HiCIC so that they, their visitors and tradesmen working for them can park there – if there is space.
In a year-long campaign for the transfer the residents won support from the town council, BoA’s two Wiltshire councillors and eventually the county council itself.
They pointed out that they had had to fight long and hard over the years to stop the car park being built on.

Most houses along the footpaths have no direct vehicle access, so Conigre Hill car park is a vital resource for the hillside community and its ability to function. Further information and contact details for HiCIC can be found here


(Submitted by Stephanie Ridout)

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