Bradford cafe hosts day to mend things rather than throwing them away

Bradford on Avon’s Zero Waste group organised a Repair Café at The Hub in Church Street.

It was a busy event with over 20 people bringing all sorts of household items to repair in an attempt to reduce waste.

Volunteers menders helped fix a toaster, a children’s waterproof and mittens, a vacuum cleaner and with help from Tools from Self Reliance sharpen and repair a number of knives, shears and other garden tools.

Jess said: “There were tips about how to make the things we buy last longer and it was a social occasion with plenty of coffee and cake.

“The cafe went great, so we felt it was a real success.

“We had 22 people bring in 29 items to be mended.

“We raised just over £100 in donations which we were able to divide between the Hub, Tools for Self Reliance and the Climate Friendly Waste Group to cover costs.

“A big thank you to all the fantastic volunteers and everyone who came along.”

This is Wiltshire


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