Mr CollIn Emery Lost Keys in Bradford on Avon Town

Hello i have dropped my house and car keys in the market area I think possibly around the side Co-op shop or on bench outside cob far estate agents around that general area the keys are very important to me being disabled and are for my equipment needed e...

Lost Ear-Ring – Southway Park

Ruby and diamond ear-ring lost in vicinity of Folly Field and Bassets Pasture. Contact 07885 720360 if found – thank you

Mrs Florence Drew, Coppice Hill

Does anyone recall any information about a Mrs Florence Drew who lived at No.16 Coppice Hill for some years, in the 1960/70s? I am researching the history of the Bradford Methodist Church cottages. If so, please contact me at the following email address: ...

Lost Lenovo Tablet Monday 6th Jan 2020

Hi all please let me know if you have found or have handed in a Lenovo tablet in a black case. It was lost around 6.45pm between the swimming pool, Fish & Chip shop and the station car park.

Ms Ridyard

A Christmas card addressed to Julie, Ed, Daniel and Jessica came through my door this evening in Palmer Drive. I know no one with those names in the road so am trying to find the delivery person so it can go to the correct people.

Lost handbag

Hi, I lost my Coach handbag on Saturday night in the Maharajah restaurant and it has not been handed in. If anyone found it in the vicinity I would be so grateful to hear from you,

Lost iphone

Hello. Has anyone found my gold iPhone 6 which went missing somewhere between the shambles and Frome Road today 11/12/2019. It was in a pale blue silicon case. Please call me on 07711987116.

Found – mobile phone

Mobile phone found in Poulton field this evening. It is locked. Please ring it and I will answer it. So it can be reunited with its owner.

Bradford-on-Avon Golf coarse

Has the Golf club ceased to operate?   As l went by today it looked very unkept which saddened me . Can anyone tell me if this facility is now closed for good !

Lost two hearing aids

Lost Wednesday 7August two hearing aids between Springfield and Silver street. If anyone saw or picked them up and taken them to a shop please can you contact me on 01225 754366 or 07738707871 Many thanks

What is the story with Bradford on Avon Golf course

Last weekend I saw that the 9 hole Golf course by the river in BoA was closed. The gate was locked and “Course Closed” painted on the road at the entrance. Does anyone know if this is permanent or not?  Is the planning for housing at the site...

Miss Nash

My 13 year old son and I are looking to rent a 2/3 bedroom house in Bradford on Avon. We have been looking for a while but sadly nothing has been available yet that we like. I would like to know of recommendations of secondary schools close by and any pri...

Free piano

Hi, Roberts standard size upright piano.It is in good condition, in tune (but slightly below concert pitch). The top D is stuck but fixable. Free – but pick up from my house on Sladesbrook, Bradford-on-Avon. Pop me an email if you or any group you k...

Mr Buster White

Hi I am possibly looking for retail premises to rent in Bradford on Avon. I was actually born in Bradford on Avon (on a plank over the toilet at Bradford on Avon hospital, my mother was always late and didn’t quite make it to the maternity ward in time)...

Wanted man with a Van .

Does anyone know a man or two with a van that wd like the job of taking two beds to redcycling centre? 

Towpath Mess – Bradford on Avon to Avoncliff. April 2018

Dear local residents of Bradford on Avon. Is no one else not upset by the state of the canal towpath between Bradford on Avon and Avoncliff? There are a small minority of boaters / boats that (at times) use the towpath as their extended dumping ground. I ...

AskBoA: Local buses

A couple of years ago, I helped a local community group conduct a thorough audit of the town’s bus stops and shelters – their condition and information provision. The results – which showed that the overall position was far from good ...

AskBoA: Is there a daily newspaper for the town?

Our family would like to have a notice placed in the most appropriate local newspaper. Our deceased family member was a resident in Bradford on Avon. Which newspaper is the most circulated and popular in the community please? My on line enquires indicate ...

AskBoA: Traffic and pedestrians?

A couple of years ago, after the Historic Core Zone negative vote, there was a well-attended meeting in St Margaret’s Hall.  Town Councillors told us they were receptive to residents offering their ideas for what might else be considered to address...

AskBoA: Pedestrian Safety

I know the pedestrian safety is a big issue in the town so here’s a proposal based on research and evidence on integrated transport systems About 15 years ago I made a TV documentary on trying to solve transport problems in towns and cities. We filmed i...

Ask BoA: Bunch of Keys – Barton Farm

Bunch of keys found in Barton Farm (Ford Car) + house keys, on Thursday, handed into BOA Police station.

AskBoA: Blue Paint Marks in front of house

We have just returned from a week away and noticed a blue paint mark on a pot plant at the front of our house. I’m aware that burglers use markers to target houses. Has anyone else noticed this in the Bradford on Avon area? Thanks

AskBoA: Lamb Yard Legacy- how long will this continue?

One of the most hideous public areas in town, come on everyone, make a noise….. Do Pentland own this area, or a private individual?

AskBoA: Not So Beautiful Bradford?

Growing amount of mismatched advertisements for local shops, has turned into a messy and scruffy advert facing tourists as they cross the bridge. Wiltshire Council need to deal with this and organise something appropriate. Some are out of date and chained...

AskBoA: Kingston Mills / Grist Court management company…. how good / bad are they?

Hi guys First post here…. would really appreciate some advice from Grist Court property owners / leaseholders. Am an out-of-towner on the verge of purchasing a Grist Court flat, but just viewed a whole bunch of negative Pentland Estate Management re...

Ask BoA: Have you found a Fob key with a red ribbon?

A Gentleman has lost a Fob key with a red ribbon on yesterday outside hair @ 28 market street. If you have found it, can you contact us:

AskBoA: Railings on Conigre Hill

What do you think of the scaffolding poles used to line Conigre Hill, probably the best dry stone wall in BOA. Could they be more hideous. They are spaced so close together, there are more than 80 vertical posts for the distance covered. Compared to the o...

AskBoA: Have you seen this Elephant?

This much loved Elephant (about 20cm high) was lost en route from Jones Hill past the Lock Inn, over McKeever Bridge and up Masons Lane to Bath Road. If anyone has seen him, or handed him in somewhere, could you call me on 07956 354240. Many thanks One De...

AskBoA: Search for missing soldiers on Winsley’s Honour Board?

A WOMAN from Winsley is looking for anyone who may be able to help identify the people mentioned on the Honours Board in the Winsley Village Club. Please leave a comment below This is Wiltshire

AskBoA: Enthusiastic New Leaders for NEW U3A Groups?

Calling For enthusiastic Leaders for New U3A Groups If any of the suggestions below interest you, please contact Veronica Bryant For contact details see website SCOTTISH/COUNTRY DANCING Interested in joining and helping to establish this...

AskBoA: Damsons Exchange?

I’ve just picked a couple of buckets of damsons with loads more on the tree. Is anybody interested in making jam/jelly/chutney and would like some in exchange for a jar or two of whatever you make? Other fruit possibly available too. 07480310822

AskBoA: Looking for a experienced, trustworthy and reliable cleaner?

Three town centre householders looking for an experienced, trustworthy and reliable cleaner [with references]  for a half-day-per-week in each house. Please contact V Bryant:  01225 868532

AskBoA: New Property Series needs couples in Bradford on Avon!

‘Help Us Buy’ is a property series coming to the UK based on an American format is looking for from couples in Bradford and the surrounding areas who are looking to buy their first home together this year and could do with some help, both financia...

AskBoA: Spanish/English conversation exchange?

I have a friend living in Holt who has come from Colombia and who would like to improve her English and is looking for someone who is learning Spanish to have regular meet-ups for conversation-swaps – one hour in Spanish, one in English. She does...

AskBoA: Looking for Bill and Jill Sherman

Please could Bill or Jill contacted Val at the Town Council offices, long lost friends want to make contact with you. Thank you

AskBoA: Volunteers for the Civil War Re-enactment weekend?

Hello As I hope you all are aware the Town Council are putting on the Civil War Re-enactment weekend on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st July. Unfortunately we are a little low on volunteers to help support the event. I am therefore putting a shout out for s...

AskBoA: Workshop space for small commercial kitchen?

We are a small confectionery and home baking business looking for a space to use as a commercial kitchen. Workshops, units or even an annex would be considered. Phone: 07446030259  Email: moc.l1597098694iamg@159709869488yev1597098694racei1597098694bbed1597098694   Thanks Debbie

AskBoA: Police appeal over spate of Winsley car thefts

POLICE are appealing for information following a spate of thefts from motor vehicles in the Winsley area last week. Two cars were broken into in Broomground, Winsley, and another in Northfield on May 11 with both being report at 9.29am and 1.29pm respecti...

AskBoA: Westbury Cement Works Chimney Demolition

The chimney at Westbury is due to be grounded very soon. Does anyone know demolition date and time?

AskBoA: Does anyone else own an electric vehicle and had a similar experience to myself at these spaces ?

I am writing with regards to the two electric vehicle charging spaces in the Station Approach car park. As an owner of a recently purchased electric vehicle I have had cause to make use of these spaces provided by the council to CHARGE your vehicle free o...

AskBoA: Police appealing for information after a dozen vehicles damaged

POLICE are appealing for information after a dozen vehicles were damaged in Bradford on Avon on April 5. Wing mirrors were smashed off several of the vehicles in Budbury Place and one car had its back mirror smashed in. Police received a number of calls f...

AskBoA: Are you a music lover? Or interested in getting to know a rising star in the opera world, a singer or member of the orchestra? Iford Festival is looking for hosts this summer.

Are you a music lover? Or interested in getting to know a rising star in the opera world, a singer or member of the orchestra? Iford Festival is looking for hosts this summer. Do you have a spare room? Accommodation needed for dates in June, July and Augu...

AskBoA: Anyone interested in a game of cricket?

I’m what you would call an amateur of the highest order when it comes to cricket. I’d say I’m a late order batsman. About a number 9. I also can’t bowl all that well… Having looked at the local teams and considered my options...

AskBoA: Bradford on Avon wall

A TEAM of volunteers in Bradford on Avon are appealing for more helpers to go at it hammer and tong to repair a historic stone wall by the Kennet & Avon Canal. The volunteers, flanked by the Canal & River Trust and a professional stonemason, have ...

AskBoA: Can you help?

Bradford on Avon Museum Society require premises in the town to accommodate the research group who need workshop space to store and examine their numerous artifacts. If you can help please contact Mervy Harris on 01225 863440 or moc.d1597098694uolci1597098694@sirr1597098694aheem1597098694 BoA T...

AskBoA: Lost set of Keys?

A set of keys were lost on Saturday morning (2nd April) probably somewhere along Trowbridge road. They have not been handed into the Police Station. If anyone finds them or handed them in somewhere could they contact Charlie on 07956 354240. Many thanks. ...

AskBoA: Dog mess on our streets is getting out of hand!

Hi there Has anyone else noticed that the amount of dogs fouling the Trowbridge Road going into town has increased hugely over the last few months? Its getting beyond a joke- my two young children have both fallen foul (no pun intended) to the increasing ...

AskBoA: Spanish student seeks homestay summer 2016?

Hi A student of mine from Spain is seeking accommodation – preferably with a family for a couple of weeks in the summer holidays.  Her aim is to combine improving her English with staying in a family environment – and she would probably go ...

AskBoA: Conversational German tuition?

I am returning to Germany in June to attend a Rosen Method Bodywork Intensive and would like to improve my schoolboy German of 65 years ago. I live in Bradford on Avon and am looking for 1-to-1 tuition in Conversational German. moc.l1597098694iamg@1597098694tnahp1597098694ilam.1597098694hplaR1597098694

AskBoA: Flour markings randomly in town?

Any idea what group or organisation is spraying signs on pavements around the hillside area of the town. Looks like a trail or quiz. Its usina white flour mixture along footpaths and across roads. Anyone have any idea?