AskBoA: Lamb Yard Legacy- how long will this continue?

One of the most hideous public areas in town, come on everyone, make a noise…..

Do Pentland own this area, or a private individual?


    • Hideous. What can be done about large Plastic Bins ? Hide them behind a screen ? I don’t know.

    • Yes of course. Bins in an area like this should be stored either within a companies perimeter, out of sight, or hidden inside a structure in keeping with the environment.

      This is a no brainier.

    • Those lucky enough to have visited Brugge (Bruges) may have noticed the total lack of visible rubbish and rubbish containers. How is it that a mediaeval city in Belgium and its multitude of appreciative visitors knows how to deal with this problem yet “Beautiful Bradford” messes its nest in this manner. Surely part of the answer is daily rubbish collection within the town centre and that costs money. The place for rubbish/refuse storage is at the depot not in a street bin. This subject should be discussed at the Town Meeting.

      • Ive been told apparently there is a stone built preferred place, but owners of bins say its too far away to bring to front area? IS THIS RIGHT? also one of the businesses right in c entre pays daily for their collection to be taken away, well done them..bread and butter

    • Over the past few years I have complained about these bins to town councillors and have put photographs on the table at town council meetings.
      The excuse given for this state of afffairs is that the council has no jurisdiction over that area.
      Maybe not ,but what pressure has the council exerted on either the developers or on the businesses that contribute to this mess,?
      None, I guess. No surprise there then.

      • well said Glenys, apparently there is a store around the back, but the owners of the bins dont want to use it? is that right? next year the TC take over the road, do we have to wait till then, this and the bridger adverts are just an eyesore.

        • A storage area was identified on the planning application and final approval but appears not to be in use. Is this not an issue for Wiltshire Council enforcement officer to action? I understand ownership of the roadways (and the rubbish collection area) is not in the control of Wiltshire Council or Bradford Town Council.

    • All of these bins and all signs ,posters,banners should be removed and stored.when people reclaim them they should be informed that they are not to be replaced.

    • As someone who lives in Kingston Mills, I understand that the owner of the land is Linden Homes. I also understand that a storage room was provided for the bins round the back of Piha in the car park but it is not used.
      I cannot understand why Linden Homes cannot sort this matter. I also agree that Bread and Butter have a daily collection (black bag) which I think costs them £1 a day. This seems to work very efficiently.
      Our new Manager (the fourth in four years) said he was going to “get tough” about the bin problem but nothing has happened.
      The Council and Linden Homes should get together to sort this matter.

    • I spoke to the Linden Homes site caretaker recently. There is and always has been a bin store located on Bridge Yard, just inside the entrance to the underground parking – on the right hand side. This is for the sole use of all the businesses and residents who put their rubbish opposite the co-op. He explained to me that he is willing to put all the bins out every week on their behalf – they just have to put their rubbish inside the store cupboard.
      Linden Homes has supposedly explained this to the ‘offenders’ however nothing has happened.
      At the moment, the bin store is locked and is being used by an individual without written permission from Linden Homes.
      The care cannot break the lock without permission from Linden Homes, nor can he kidnap all the ‘offenders’ rubbish and put it in the store cupboard without written permission.
      the fault lies with Linden Homes

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