Are workers entitled to an extra day’s pay in a leap year?

With a new leap year almost upon is, workers may be wondering what this means for how they get paid.

Leap years come around every four years, and the next one is in 2020.

The last leap day was in 2016, and the next one will fall on Saturday, February 29, 2020.

A typical year typically contains 52 weeks and one day, but, thanks to the extra day in February, leap years have 52 weeks and two days.

While this may not be big news for many, who will carry on as usual, some may wonder whether they should be being paid extra for the additional day’s work.

Ultimately, your pay entitlements on February 29, 2020, will depend upon whether you are paid a salary or receive pay according to the hours you work.

It depends how you’re paid

“Employees who receive the same basic pay every month are not entitled to any extra pay, despite potentially working on this additional day,” says Alan Price, CEO of HR software firm, BrightHR.

“This is because, as salaried workers, they are paid a set salary for the year. As such, this extra day will be considered to have already been factored into their overall earnings.

The situation does differ if employers pay the individuals concerned according to the hours they work or the amount of work they do”

“The only time this may change for salaried employees is if there is a term explicitly providing additional pay during a leap year within their contract. Employers should check if the extra day does not send employee pay below the national minimum on average.”

“The situation does differ if employers pay the individuals concerned according to the hours they work or the amount of work they do. In this situation, they will be entitled to be paid for all of the time worked, which could mean they receive an additional amount if the extra day means they have worked more hours than usual.”

“For example, people who work irregular shifts and are asked to work on February 29 may end up coming out with more money overall in February.”

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