Air Quality Monitor in place in Bradford



An air quality monitor has been installed at a traffic hotspot in Bradford on Avon as part of a wider initiative to tackle pollution in the town.

The device, one of four across the county, has been placed in Masons Lane and will give detailed readings of pollutants and will be the scientific evidence behind new moves to look at managing 21st century traffic around the historic streets.

The monitor has been switched on as part of wider plans to tackle air pollution which include a new working group set up by Wiltshire Council and the local community. The Bradford on Avon Air Quality Alliance will build on earlier successful initiatives including the Lorry Watch Scheme.

Maggie Rae, corporate director of health for Wiltshire Council, will be leading the first meeting of the alliance, and she said: “We know many journeys around Bradford on Avon cover only a few miles and we want to encourage people to think of using other forms of transport such as walking or cycling to get around. Placing this monitor at the busiest road in the town will give us detailed readings which can help inform future initiatives.”

Keith Humphries, cabinet member for public health and protection added: “Wiltshire is a beautiful rural county which doesn’t generally have issues with air quality. However, we know where there is a build-up of traffic there can be pollution. We are taking it seriously and doing what we can to monitor those spots. This monitor is the start of a concerted drive to look at new ways of tackling 21st century issues in this historic town.”

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    • It would be nice, however those who live up on hills may not have choice, buses may not get them in time to where they need to be.

      Having lived in Bristol and other cities on the continent, where cycling is used as way of getting around, I just cannot see it happening in BoA.

      The old Guard of local councillors were so short-sighted they could not bear even simple and elegant thing such as foot bridge.

      Instead a few people would have to lose limb on the old and heavily burdened bridge before they come to their senses. But it may be an arm, leg or life (if not more) too late!

      Just think about that! 🙂

    • It wasn’t the “old guard of local councillors” that stymied the footbridge. The town council wanted to build a bridge and had planning permission and the funds to do so but a highly organised campaign by a certain section of the community objected, caused delay by using a little known loophole of a Town poll and eventually the plan was not endorsed by a majority of local households (not individuals) so this is why we still have to rely on an old and overburdened bridge.

    • It a shame, whatever the underlying reason may be. But there is that ‘certain section of the community’ and they sure know who they are that objected.

      One can only assume that they will be over the moon one day when they wake up in a town that has absolutely nothing to offer to those who foolishly though they may be able to (actually) live and work here.

      This old bridge is spectlacular, but it appears to be the only vehicle accessible route over the Avon.

      Let’s face it, people do need their cars, public transport (and I am prolific user of it) is unreliable, inefficient and thus ineffective. This is before one starts consindering the economy of it, 100% not value for money!

      I suppose that group is not concerned as they very likely have no need to work for a living and so have no need to consider any practical points. The main concern is self-interest of the few at the expense of many.

      And no I am not communist or even socialist, in fact I alwasy voted blue, but am starting to see purple! If you see the gist of it!

    • The Air Quality Monitor is a good idea, if it helps us to know what is going on. Traffic is already being counted by Wilts Council using the wires in the road at the Old Town Bridge by the bus stop. I asked the man checking this monitor on Tuesday and he told me there are about 18,000 vehicles a day. We all need to ask ourselves – is my vehicle journey necessary?

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