Adventurers complete the USA’s 2,653-mile Pacific Crest Trail

A Wiltshire adventurer and her fiance have recently returned to the UK having completed the entire 2,653-mile walk from Mexico to Canada.

Rebecca Myles, 27, walked the Pacific Crest Trail with her fiance, Rupert Munro-Faure, also 27.

The marathon trek took the couple four months and 17 days to complete, averaging 25 miles a day.

Rebecca, of Southway Park, Bradford on Avon, said: “What an adventure it has been. We walked through three states in total – California, Oregon and Washington.

“We reached the highest peak of Mount Whitney at 14,505ft. This marks the tallest mountain of contiguous USA.

“Our regular day would involve waking up at 4.45am, to begin walking at 6am.

“Usually we would carry food for about five days before resupplying again in a town.

“Our water supply would be from streams or rivers we would walk through. Some water supplies were very questionable!

“We’d have a break at around 9am, known as ‘second breakfast,’ and lunch would be around midday for about an hour.

“We would then walk until about 5.30pm, cook dinner, set up the tent and wash if there was a nearby stream. Our toilet would involve digging a cat hole in the middle of the woods.

“Many of these ‘toilets’ would be accompanied by spectacular views. We would go many days without a shower.

“Bed time would be no later than 8pm, especially after those 30-plus mile days. This is known on trail as ‘hiker midnight.’

“Most nights we would wake up to the sound of an animal foraging around the tent. “This is when we would pray for it to be a deer and not a mountain lion or bear.

” We would see many animal tracks along the trail, being able to identify if a cougar or bear was nearby. The whole trail was full of an abundance of life.

“At higher elevation we encountered marmots and pikas. In the desert we had the fun of dodging rattlesnakes laid across the path. The great thing was that they actually warn you before they strike!

“The trail was in no way easy, definitely not a walk in the park. But this is what made it ever so rewarding.

“Some of the toughest days would end up the most memorable days on trail.

“In Oregon we battled with relentless armies of mosquitos for about two weeks. This really tested our resilience, from the moment we left the tent in the morning, until the moment we got back into it. It resembled a horrific nightmare.

“We experienced hunger like never before, sweated relentlessly during the peak of the summer, froze in our tents as the weather turned at higher elevations, trudged through snow with our microspikes and ice axe, and often questioned whether the trail was actually going to end.

“This being said, we were blessed every day with the most beautiful sunrises, magical woodlands full of wild berries, the most insane scenery and incredible quietness.

“The simplicity of life filled us with joy. Day-to-day life became survival, solely relying on the three necessities of life: food, water and shelter.

“Carrying just what we needed to survive in our backpacks, slowing down life to, quite literally, one step at a time we became ever so aware of our surroundings, appreciating the smaller things even more.

“We also experienced multiple acts of kindness, fully restoring our faith in humanity. The more we gave

back, the more we received.

“Since returning to the UK we have given ourselves time to adjust to the faster pace of life back home.

“It has been the ultimate culture shock. We have now both got jobs again and are in the transition of moving back to London. Quite a different way of life from the Pacific Crest Trail.”

Last year, the couple completed a coast-to-coast cycle across the USA, following the Transamerica cycle route.

Miss Myles added: “The cycle route was supposed to take us three months, but we finished it in 2.5 months cycling an average of 65 miles a day.

“We finished in New York City at the end of October, cycling a total of 4,500 miles.”

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