£5,000 extension shock for Bradford on Avon man

Householder Steven Williams is warning others of the extra costs of building an extension after having to dig up his garden to divert a sewer.

Mr Williams, 58, of Southleigh, Bradford on Avon, wanted to build a two-storey extension but it overlapped the line of the sewer so he requested a build over.

This was refused by Wessex Water and they told him he would have to divert the sewer, despite them having no records of the pipe.

Mr Williams, a business consultant, said: “I am updating their infrastructure at my expense to make it easier for them to access in the future.”

He said he had to pay Wessex Water a £5,000 surety fee and paid £500 for the diversion application and evaluation but no one came to do a site visit.

Wessex Water also told him he would have to divert a storm drain running under the extension, which would have cost him £10,000. Mr Williams had to pay for a CCTV survey on both pipes but, after insisting the firm made a site visit, it was found the storm drain belonged to Wiltshire Highways.

He said: “All the expense and liability has fallen on my shoulders.

“They are treating a domestic customer the same as a large scale developer.”

Wessex Water said the work was needed to protect the sewerage network and ensure it remained accessible.

The company has offered to reimburse Mr Williams the £5,000 surety fee, the application fee and legal fees.

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