Wiltshire Scullers – St. Laurence

Wiltshire Scullers rowing club has been operating on the water between Bradford and Staverton for over 4 years now. The club has had many members from St. Laurence and aims to put out age group crews from St. Laurence. It would be brilliant to have 100 junior members and unprecedented in the area. So if you are rower that wants to help bring new talent on or a junior that wants to be that new racer then please get in contact.

The club has a facebook page under same name or you can contact moc.l1590420844iamg@1590420844srell1590420844ucs.e1590420844rihst1590420844liw1590420844



    • My son has been with wiltshire scullers for a year now following an Olympic dream for the future. He enjoys getting out on the water come rain or shine. First class coaching in a safe environmeny. He cant wait for Saturdays when he goes rowing. Very affordable. Builds confidence and very enjoyable to watch my son do something that he loves.

    • Evening Purdie

      I understand you spoke with a friend of ours, Melissa Miller, about her son (Parys) and my son (Charlie) potentially starting as new junior rowers at the club.

      Am I right in thinking there’s a meet this Monday evening?

      Just wanted to confirm joining instructions, what to wear and any other details you feel pertinent.

      Many thanks
      Tony Britten

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