Where exactly is the land at Kingston Farm?


Last Friday, a public exhibition was held at St Margaret’s Hall during which the proposers of new development on a site known as Kingston Farm outlined some of the basics of their plan.

The land they were referring to is approximately shown by the area outlined in red on the map above.

The land is presently owned by Shaun Moulton, who was present at the exhibition last week, along with some of his colleagues.

The exhibition did not show any detailed proposals. There was no sign of any proposed design or layout; there were no architects models.

Instead, the exhibition showed precisely which land was being discussed, and talked about the pros and cons of developing. Congestion and the narrow width of Holt Road were highlighted among the cons, along with the rough terrain across the site, and the limited opportunities for access by road.

Visitors to the exhibition were encouraged to read the information available and make written comments.

The official Land at Kingston Farm website has not been updated yet. Hopefully when it is, there might be an opportunity for members of the public to make further comments about the proposals.

UPDATE, April 1st

The Wiltshire Times has posted this article about last weeks open day. It says: “As well as 150 homes and office space, the development would feature sustainable power sources and drainage systems.”


    • What development will be around the villages, my opinion is that there isn’t enough, infrastructure or jobs to justify such a develop. the new one in town is already big enough.

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