Wassail !

To all the Businesses and Organisers of Fetes etc in Bradford on Avon, we would like to dance for you on Saturday 11th May during the day

My name is Steve Baker and I am the Squire of Mr Baker’s Dozen, a Traditional English Morris dance side. We are based on the Isle of Wight and have an annual foray on to the North Island ( England ) once a year, to go on tour to dance and entertain the public. We would like to come to Bradford on Avon to dance around the town on Saturday 11th May this year. So if possible through your community web site  I would like to arrange some spots to dance at, preferably where there is a good footfall of the public. We do not mind dancing by a pub or water, or any other business who would welcome us to our mutual benefit. We also like dancing at fetes and garden parties. Here is our web site so you can see what we look like and read something about us.     www.mrbakersdozen.org.uk


We usually dance for around 20-30 mins. We do not want paying but are happy to collect for local charities as we go around.

It would be nice if we could make it a walking tour of BoA I would like to could start a dialogue to arrange an itinerary for us to dance around the town, maybe up to four spots. Any assistance in helping us to dance in BoA would be most gratefully accepted.

We also would be looking for a campsite near to BoA for some of us to camp in ( Camper vans ) and some want to book in to a hotel, again any suggestions gratefully received, there are of course 13 of us.
We were originally going to Bath but after talking to the local Morris sides there, the competition to busk is very high so we decided against that and come to delightful BoA !!

If there is a fete or garden party just outside BoA on Sunday 12th May we would also be will to open discussions. Please contact me by email gro.s1596935548dnaln1596935548edlog1596935548@evet1596935548s1596935548 or my mobile 07866 360 268
We look forward to meeting and dancing in BoA.

Best regards, Steve Baker, Squire of Mr Baker’s Dozen


    • Hi Bradford on Avon, We have had no takers to date of our offer to dance at your Fete, Pub, or Tearooms. We do not charge, we are just happy to find somewhere to dance. We will collect for your charity if you wish. Looking forward to hearing from you for somewhere to dance.
      Cheers and Wassail !!
      Steve Baker for Baker’s Dozen.

      • Hi Steve

        Its a pity you are not on the mainland on Sunday afternoon as you would be very welcome on the 14th July between 3.15 and 3.45 in the afternoon. The Friends of Holy Trinity Church have organised a rather splendid event; Jazz & Cream Teas by the riverside at Kingston Place. Jarvey’s Jazz will be playing during the rest of the afternoon and we are looking for a dance group to perform during the afternoon break. The world famous Bradford on Avon Rowing Club will also be putting on a display.

        Any other ideas welcome.

    • Hi Steve, you could try contacting Ken at the Cross Guns in Avoncliff, just along the towpath from Bradford on Avon. I know he has had morris dancers there before.
      Good luck & hope to see you here.

    • Reply from Steve, emailed in:
      Sorry we will not be able to dance at the Jazz and Cream Tea..it sounds just our thing. We did enjoy our time in BoA everybody made very welcome. So much so that we are looking to make the trip again next year so please keep us in mind. I will contact you again when we know the date of our next visit.

      Best regards


      Steve Baker
      Squire Mr Baker’s Dozen

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