Two new water fountains in Bradford on Avon should help to quench thirst

TWO of the three water fountains ordered by Bradford on Avon Town Council to help reduce the single use of plastic have been installed.

The first two fountains have been put in place at the Sladesbrook Play Area and at Culver Close Recreation Ground and are ready to use.

Cllr Alex Kay, who helped organise the fountains, said: “The Town Council are committed to helping our residents and visitors reduce single-use plastics.

“We will continue to work with Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon and Plastic-free Bradford on Avon to find more ways to help people make positive changes.”

People will be able to re-fill re-usable bottles at the fountains and there’s also a drinking spout in case you’ve forgotten your bottle.

The third and final fountain will be installed in St Margaret’s car park, and residents can also refill bottles at shops and other locations across town which display the refill sticker.

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