Tillions waves goodbye to over 30 years in business

The much-loved Bradford on Avon shop Tillions will close its doors at the end of May after nearly 35 years in business.

Owner Caroline Philpott is retiring after 30 years at the china, glass and cookware specialists in the Shambles after being unable to sell the shop for 18 months.

Mrs Philpott held a celebratory evening on April 26 where more than 40 friends, customers and fellow shop-keepers attended to mark the end of several decades of selling their produce.

“It was a lovely send off. I am sad the town will lose this collection of china and cookware. It is a great shame that it did not get taken on but after 30 years it is the right time to retire,” said the former president of the town’s chamber of commerce. I have absolutely loved my time here. It is a beautiful and lovely town to be part of. This place has been an important part of the town and it is nice to know people appreciate what you did over the years. I will not be going anywhere though, I still live here.”

Her father Malcolm Tillion opened the shop in 1982 in Market Street but moved in 1986 to the bigger premises in the Shambles.

“He looked around the town and saw what he thought was a gap in the town’s market,” she said. “I then joined him with the intention of staying for a couple of years and now I run the place and have stayed here for three decades so that did not plan out the way I thought it would. We are both sad it is over but now I can be a bit more flexible, have a bit of rest, not just have one day off a week and tackle my garden and tidying my house.”

Mayor Alison Craddock paid tribute to the shop, describing it as a stalwart of the town’s makeup.

“I am extremely sorry and sad to see it go. I have gone there for years, buying Christmas presents and all sorts,” she said This is one of the shops that people come to Bradford on Avon for, it is a stalwart of the town. I remember it back in her father’s day. I wish her all the best.”

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