‘They were so quick to act, they saved my life’

A mum has thanked staff at the Royal United Hospital in Bath for saving her life after she gave birth to her daughter.

Kylie Bewley was rushed into theatre after losing more than three litres of blood following an emergency caesarian operation to give birth to Jasmine.

The grateful 37-year-old said: “The staff at the RUH were absolutely amazing, particularly my consultant Jo Ficquet in the Princess Anne Wing.

“They knew that I’d had a bad experience before when I lost a baby in February due to an ectopic pregnancy.

“I also had extreme morning sickness and gestational diabetes during my pregnancy so they were keeping a close eye on me.

“During the C-section, my blood sugar levels dropped and I was bleeding out because my womb was not contracting.

“They were so quick to act when they realised what was happening.

“They rushed me into theatre and gave me some blood transfusions under general anaesthetic.

“I lost more than three litres of blood and I can’t thank them enough. They saved my life.”

Jasmine was born on April 14 and weighed in at 8lb 12oz. She’s the first child for Kylie and her partner Ian Hedges, 37, of Melksham.

Kylie has four children by her previous partner, Da’ud, 15, twins Keyaan and Kaiser, 12, and Lottika, 10.

Kylie and Ian first met when they were in the same year at George Ward School in Melksham.

Mr Hedges said: “I loved her from the first second I saw her but I was severely bullied at school. It was the worst five years of my life.”

After leaving school, the Sainsbury’s supermarket worker was diagnosed with autism and has since written about it for the UK Backgammon Federation, of which he is a member.

The couple, of Honeysuckle Close, Melksham, reconnected on Facebook in 2018 after splitting up with their respective partners.

Three of Kylie’s elder children are autistic and Ian responded to her social media posts by giving her advice and support.

Now the couple have their first child together and are planning to get married on January 9 next year at St Michael’s Church in Melksham.

Ian says Jasmine’s birth was “very emotional” as he had been sent home after seeing his daughter arrive, because of the coronavirus restrictions.

“I had just got home when I received a phone call asking me to come back in because Kylie had taken a turn for the worse.

“I ended up staying with Jasmine for the longest two hours of my life while the RUH team dealt with Kylie.

“They gave me some formula to feed Jasmine and the first few hours bonding with her in the birthing centre was very precious.

“The RUH team did an amazing job, I can’t thank them enough.”

Kylie is still relying heavily on Ian and her children because she has been weak since giving birth.

Since the birth, she’s had to go back to the RUH for a check-up and another blood transfusion.

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