The Whooosh book launch was held at Bradford on Avon Museum

SCORES of Bradfordians flocked to the town’s Museum last Saturday to buy their copies of a new book telling its history.

Staff said the launch of Whooosh, Bradford on Avon Museum’s newest book title, had been fantastically successful.

Written by former teacher Gill Winfield and illustrated throughout by well-known illustrator Mike Dickinson, the book is a captivating read.

Friends, family and locals flocked to buy the new book which sold in record numbers, and Gill and Mike had their work cut out keeping pace with signing copies.

Aimed at primary school aged children, the book tells the fascinating and complex history of Bradford on Avon from the Stone Age to the present day.

Val Holden, of Bradford on Avon Museum, said: “It’s a story of mystery and magic.

“The book’s two characters – Billy and Bella – have recently moved into the town and want to know more about how it came to be built.

“As if by magic, a mysterious person with magical powers appears who is able to let them see changes that have happened to the town over many centuries.

“They are literally taken on a roller coaster journey into the past to see the people who shaped the beautiful town they can see from their garden.

“Whooosh! is a wonderful way to bring the town’s history to life, and as well as a thrilling story there’s lots of extra history – for history buffs! – which gives a fuller and deeper understanding of what’s gone on.

“To round off there’s a picture quiz of buildings and important objects in the town that readers can look for as they wander through the town.”

The book costs £5 and is available from Bradford on Avon Museum, above the library in Bridge Street, and from Ex Libris bookshop in The Shambles.

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