Stroke survivor who had to learn to walk again launches health and fitness business to help others

A FATHER-of-four is launching a new gym to help West Wiltshire residents improve their physical and mental health after staging an amazing recovery from a stroke.

Phil Walker, 42, from Trowbridge, is opening FIT (For Inspirational Training) studio in Westdale Gardens, Bradford-on-Avon in November with the aim of helping people to become more confident and enjoy better lives.

Having been told he may never be able to lift weights again Phil has spent the past eight years studying the human mind and body in order to help bring about his extraordinary rehabilitation.

After suffering a stroke in 2010 and having to learn to walk, talk, eat and do dozens of everyday tasks again Phil found himself unable to work for two years.

The stroke, which was triggered by an AVM (Arteriovenous Malformation), required nine hours of brain surgery at the Frenchay hospital in Bristol to tackle the large bleed on the right side of his brain.

Patched up with a 52 staple scar and having to be winched in and out of his hospital bed, Phil has faced an arduous and frustrating path to physical recovery and an even longer journey to mental recovery.

Phil, who lived in Winsley for four years before moving to Trowbridge, credits his rehabilitation to the confidence that fitness and exercise has given him and now wants to pass on his years of training to help improve the physical and mental health of others.

Having delivered fitness classes to children at Winsley Primary School over the past three years he now has his sights set on helping to adults to cope better with the stresses and strains of modern life by offering health and fitness support and mentoring to help their mind-set.

Research from the New Economic Foundation showed that more than half a million workers (526,000 people) suffered from work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2016/​17 leading to 12.5 million working days lost.

Phil said: “Having experienced so many difficulties over the years I am 100% sure that we all have the potential to become better people if we work on our physical and mental health.

“Due to my stroke I developed a passionate interest in mind-set, human emotions, and how our minds and bodies work.


“My stroke left me severely depressed and frustrated but taught me tools to cope and things I want to pass on to others.


“I want people to know that yes they can improve their state of mind, their confidence and have better control over their emotions and how they feel.


“Movement and physical exercise is so important to us as a species because it releases endorphins which give us more energy and more confidence.


“I’m not special, I’m just a human who wants to help people to live better lives. If I can transform my life anyone can.”

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