Steering group aims to make Bradford on Avon more eco-friendly

IDEAS on how to make Bradford on Avon a more eco-friendly town were shared at a climate emergency steering group meeting.

The group’s second monthly meeting saw a good turnout, with many topics being discussed.

It was suggested that signs promoting climate awareness are put up across the town, along with advising supermarkets on how to minimise plastic pollution.

The town council is continuing to take forward some projects and ideas independently and is liaising with external organisations on how best to deliver these.

Cllr Alex Kay who chaired the meeting said: “There was a buzz of enthusiasm and creative energy in St Margaret’s Hall.

“Overall, it was a very positive and encouraging session.

“We are a lucky town to have so many people prepared to engage with the environmental issues and act accordingly.”

Guest speaker Peter Capener, managing director of Bath and West Community Energy, said after the meeting: “It’s exciting to see town councils like Bradford on Avon grasp the climate crisis nettle and I was delighted to join their climate emergency planning session.

“I hope we can work with local communities and the town council to develop new community owned renewable energy projects, battery storage and electric vehicle charging points as part of the rapid transition away from fossil fuels central to our long term future.”

Bath and West Community Energy are looking for volunteers for a new project to change how people use electricity to reduce carbon emissions. The next meeting will be advertised on the town council website.

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