South West Wiltshire MP Andrew Murrison reflects on ‘remarkable’ general election win for Conservatives

TRIUMPHANT Tory Andrew Murrison reflected on a “remarkable” night for his party after comfortably retaining the South West Wiltshire seat.

Mr Murrison was re-elected after polling 33,038 votes – almost 12,000 more than Labour rival Emily Pomroy-Smith – as Boris Johnson’s Conservatives secured the government majority they were hoping for.

“It has been extraordinary indeed,” said Mr Murrison.

“Through knocking on doors in the area it has been very positive, so it’s remarkable. People have been voting and a positive message has clearly come across. Undoubtedly with Brexit but much more than that, actually.

“I’m really delighted and it reflects what is happening not just here but nationally too.”

There was a 71 per cent turnout of voters in the constituency. Ms Pomroy-Smith polled 11,408 votes, with Ellen Nicholson of the Liberal Democrats third with 8,015 and the Greens’ Julie Phillips-Green fourth with 2,434.

Ms Pomroy-Smith said: “You can only do so much as it was already decided at 10pm tonight (when the results of the exit poll were revealed).

“Our party has done a really good job but the picture here is what it is all over the country.

“My job now is to make sure that the Conservatives deliver and keep their promises and we will try to hold them to account.”

This is Wiltshire


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