Science was order of the day at fair

HUNDREDS of children, together with their families and carers, attended the 8th My Science Fair at the Wiltshire Music Centre on Sunday March 3.

They were able to take part in a wide range of activities, including interactive science experiments and workshops designed to whet their appetite for more.

Maud Saint-Sardos, the Centre’s chief executive, said: “The fair has been brilliant. It is

happy chaos. I think we’ve had even more people here today than last year.”

Karl Bevis, head of creative learning at the centre, said: “My thanks goes to those who have helped make the fair a success, including staff, volunteers and participants.”

The fair began with a bang as Bath-based fun science presenter Cressida Bullock, known by her scientist alter-ego ‘Chemical Cress’, took to the centre’s main stage for an interactive experiment.

A fast-paced percussion workshop featured David Garcia’s Samba Science exploring Latin American rhythms with a scientific twist. It was followed by a Lullaby creative recording session and interactive concert.

In a packed Henry Smart Room, children watched in awe at a series of three Lego robotic workshops. On the mezzanine floor, presenters demonstrated crystal and ultrasonic generators, while in TR1 there were opportunities for children to try out virtual reality and 3D printing activities.

In the Nestle Room, there was a Colourscape, while on the back field, scientists let off water-powered rockets, and in TR2 children watched Bot Club robotics.

The event also marks the culmination of the My Science Fair project competition, involving pupils from 14 primary schools across Wiltshire and Bath. Those taking part devised their own exciting experiments exploring music, movement and science.

An expert panel from the University of Bath, University of Bristol and the University of the West of England, as well as automotive-test specialists AB Dynamics, the Ministry of Defence and Unilever judged the entries.

This is Wiltshire


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