Problems with broadband in BoA

millie-thumb.jpgOver the past few days I’ve had several long outages with my domestic broadband on Coppice Hill. My ISP is Plusnet.

Two friends have experienced outages at the same time – one up near St Laurence School, the other down New Road.

The ISP approach to dealing with these things starts with the assumption that it’s an in-house problem but we believe that there’s something wider going on.

Has anyone else in BoA had broadband outages recently? If so, please leave a comment here so that we can compare notes.

(Contributed by: Stuart Harris)

UPDATE, APRIL 2011: The Area Board is looking at broadband services in the town. More details here


    • I have experienced daily broadband outages for the past week. Two visits by BT engineers have confirmed that the problem is not with the equipment in my house. The outages – which sometimes last 2 minutes, sometimes go on for as long as 90 minutes – are continuing.

    • No problems so far here south of the river in Greenland Mills.
      Previous disconnection was 339 hours ago (~14 days).


    • I have also been experiencing broadband outages over the past week in the Woolley area. It is definitely not an internal problem.

    • Our broadband collapses frequently. BT should upgrade the local exchange so that we, at outlying villages, can have a reliable service.

    • My internet connection has been very poor for the last week or so Seems to be worst in the early evening. ISP is Demon who do not have the greatest reputation recently but I don’t think the problem is with them. I am less than 400m from the exchange.

      BoA exchange is due to be upgraded at the end of March 2011. Lets just hope it happens according to plan.

      Pete MacGregor

    • We’re having similar problems in Avoncliff. My ISP is Zen, which is usually very good and dedicated to business broadband. So I agree – I think it is most likely at the exchange…especially if so many others are experiencing the same issue with different providers.

      Janelle Scialla

    • Intermittant outages at Avoncliff over the past 8 days.
      Jackie Hayes

    • I have had the same problem over the past 2 weeks, I live in Springfield and am with BT.
      They are not very helpful with the cause

    • After 10 years of excellent internet connection the last week has been a complete nightmare. I use BT Broadband and the connection comes & goes every few hours. It can be on for a few minutes then off for a few hours or on & off every few minutes – not a service that we can now depend on. I have had one BT Braodband engineer visit my house in the Old Batch near the Dog & Fox check the line for some 30 minutes, replace the Home Hub and filters but that hasn’t solved the problem. I have another BT Broadband engineer visiting my house next week because BT say they have made changes at the exchange. Let’s wait and see….. The sooner they start to deploy fibre to the homes the better. Perhaps we should all ask for this upgrade to be brought forward???

    • What a relief to find this is a general problem and not our equipment as our ISP suggested. Yes we are experiencing outages many times per day in Belcombe Road. Our ISP is Plusnet.

    • As Ian noted above, same problems for me. I live at the top of the Old Batch and am with Plusnet. They’ve had me trailing wires all over the house connecting my router directly to the master socket, changing all the filters etc etc and still no improvement. Default mode for all ISPs seems to be that the home setup is at fault in some way.

      Given the widespread nature of the comments above, it is clearly a BT exchange problem that needs to be addressed at a higher level with more concerted action.

      Duncan Hames, our MP, suggested to me via Twitter that I send him details of the problem and he’d take it up. Maybe we should all do that and also get onto BT Openreach who I assume are responsible for the network.

    • UPDATE:

      PlusNet called me this morning to tell me that BT have located the fault at the exchange and fixed it on Sunday afternoon (19th). My connection has been stable since then but I am monitoring it.

      Is everybody else finding an improvement?

    • Last Friday (17th) I had another conversation with my ISP (Entanet) about ongoing problems. They said they would contact the “BT Interventions team”.

      They did so, and in a later conversation told me that BT Interventions had said they would “adjust the noise ratio” (or something similar – there was a lot of jargon flying about at this point). This would take 24 hours to get done, and then would require “10 days to stabilise”.

      There were two further outages that day. Then I was away all weekend. Since Monday, I have had only one brief outage on Tuesday morning.

      I have kept records of every outage I’ve noticed, and urge everyone else reading this to do the same.

      The 10 days will be up on September 27th, so I suggest we wait until then to see whether or not the issue has been properly fixed. Given the good performance in the last couple of days, I’m hopeful – but I shall keep my records sheet to hand just in case.

    • Looks like you can vote for BOA to enter the competition for faster Broadband connection
      I’ve added my postcode – think we should get as many people voting as pos

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