Photo club celebrates 10th anniversary

LOCAL photographers showcased their most recent work at the Bradford on Avon photo group’s 10th annual exhibition.

Around 660 people came along to the West Barn in Pound Lane to see the display of eclectic photos.

Photographer and member of Bradford on Avon photo group said: “We are an informal group of enthusiastic photographers and welcome photographers of all abilities.

“We are more interested in the story behind a picture, rather than the camera that is used.

“Some members take all their pictures on mobile phones.

“We were pleased with the turnout, we saw more people than last year.

“It very much depends on the weather, the West Barn tends to be busy when it is nice weather.”

This year the photo group teamed up with Words and Ears poetry group.

Mr Eberlin added: “For the first time we each teamed up with a member of the poetry group and took a picture which illustrated and portrayed a poem. This all went on display at the exhibition.”

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