Old phone box is transformed

THREE boys from Bradford on Avon have taken part in the Phoney Box Project ad decorated one of the towns telephone boxes with a model of the solar system.

Jamie, Peter and William created the model for the phone box near St Laurence School to achieve their Beavers Space badge.

Two of the town’s old K6 phone boxes were recently earmarked for removal by BT.

In a bid to save them, the Phoney Boxes project formed, comprising of volunteers who together approached Bradford on Avon town council to formally adopt the boxes and pay for materials to restore them, which was granted.

Now in full swing, and after some heroic sanding, cleaning and scraping during the cold snap, the project is well on its way to restoring the iconic boxes to their former glory.

The other phone box on top of Whitehill will also be used as a community and art space for exhibitions, information and other ventures.

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