Offensive graffiti in town’s woodlands

GRAFFITI and vandalism in the Trowbridge multi-storey car park has been cleaned up by Wiltshire Council’s cleaning team who say they will visit daily to keep it up to standard.

The car park in St Stephen’s Place which is in the process of being sold by Wiltshire Council has been a cause of concern for town councillors as well as members of the public due to it’s poor condition.

Now the cleaning has been completed, the town council will be supplied with anti-graffiti paint which they have agreed to use.

Trowbridge town councillor Andrew Bryant has been campaigning for the car park to be repaired since the vandalism took place but previously felt he has not been listened to by Wiltshire Council who said they could not afford to remove graffiti as there is no profit in the free multi-storey car park.

Cllr Bryant said: “It is good that Wiltshire Council have hired the contractors to do some cleaning in the multi-storey.

“However it is in such a state I think it is going to take more than this.

“It’s not just cleaning that needs to be done but this is a start and the team have worked very hard and they are doing a very good job.

“It is unfortunate the way in which we have had to go about getting this done.

“Wiltshire Council should take more pride in the county town.

“In an ideal world Wiltshire Council should be taking responsibility for the painting as well and they should have acted months ago, but any move is a positive one.”

“What still bothers me is that no one has been prosecuted for this vandalism and it could happen again.”

Bridget Wayman, cabinet member for highways said: “Our cleaning team has been working in the multi-story car park to thoroughly clean and remove graffiti.

“We will also supply anti-graffiti paint to Trowbridge Town Council so they can repaint the walls.

“One of our cleaning teams will also visit the car park on a daily basis.

“I have visited the car park and was pleased with the work carried out by our team in cleaning the stairwells.”

A police spokesman confirmed this week that no arrests have been made in connection with the graffiti, however their enquiries are continuing and anyone who could help their investigations should call 101.

This is Wiltshire


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