No more traffic wanted near site

TRAFFIC concerns and green spaces were the main reasons when Bradford on Avon councillors voted to fight a plan for 42 more new houses in the town.

Environment and planning committee chairman Cllr Alex Kay said concerns included the loss of local green space and the traffic concerns in that area have not changed since the application was put forward three years ago.

The development proposed by Redcliffe Homes would be on a field to the east of Woolley, on the Holt side of the village.

Representatives from Redcliffe Homes attended the meeting on Tuesday November 5 and presented an outline of the application to the town council. However campaigners felt the representatives were unwilling to engage with residents questions.

Local Brian Elliott challenged Redcliffe Homes’ assertion they were enhancing the biodiversity of the area.

He said: “You cannot claim to be enhancing a Local Green Space by driving a road through the middle of it.”

Others raised concerns about the impact on protected wildlife, the lack of an ecological assessment covering the east and west of the proposed site and the impact of traffic on Woolley Street, a single lane road.

Cllr Dom Newton said: “Redcliffe Homes cannot under any circumstances claim the two minute presentation to the council was an public consultation.

“Additionally some of the claims in the application are disingenuous, such as the suggestion Wiltshire Council have not secured the five-year land supply, which has been confirmed to the town council.”

The plan will now go to Wiltshire Council who will make a final decision.

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