New mayors elected into town council office

A NEW mayor and deputy were elected by Bradford on Avon town council in a meeting on Tuesday night.

Councillor Simon McNeill-Ritchie was nominated for mayor by leader of the town council cllr Dom Newton and was voted into the position by the majority of the council.

Cllr McNeill Ritchie said: “Needless to say I am very honoured to be made mayor and I look forward to this next year.

“I now it wont be an easier year, it started off well though and I’m looking forward to getting into it. This has been a year of achievement with Alex as mayor and I look froward to building on that. There is a lot that the town council are going to do this year.”

Cllr Dan Taylor was voted into the deputy mayor position. A vote was also held to choose the leader of the town council for the upcoming year.

Cllr Dom Newton was voted to remain in his current position as council leader after being nominated by cllr Alex Kay.

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