New book sheds light on Budbury

AUTHOR Pam Slocombe has visited Bradford on Avon Library to promote a new book from Bradford on Avon Museum .

It tells the unique story of Budbury, the area of Bradford stretching from Newtown and Wine Street to Huntingdon Street and Bearfield.

The book has been co-written by Pam Slocombe and Roy Canham.

Mrs Slocombe said:”The name Budbury itself goes back to the Domesday Book but people have lived here far longer, for at least 2,500 years.

“My research is on the medieval period and Roy’s is mostly on the archaeological findings from the excavations theBradford on Avon Museum Research Group have carried out over the last five-plus years.”

This archaeological evidence has produced material for two publications.

One is an article of about 80 pages, due to appear in the prestigious Wiltshire Archaeological Magazine out this month. The second is the book jointly written by Pam and Roy.

Priced at £7. 50, copies are available from Bradford on Avon Museum above the library, the Ex Libris bookshop in The Shambles, and from Val Holden in Budbury on 01225 869159.

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