More calls for better broadband


(We’ve had two recent contributions on this topic, so we thought it best to combine them into a single post — Ed)

BT has set up a website: where communities can vote for Infinity Broadband. The more votes cast, the higher up the list we go, and the greater the chance of getting something suitable for this day and age. At the moment with 117 votes we have 2.6% of the total cast to date, which is pretty dismal. It doesn’t take a moment to vote, so PLEASE do so and we’ll all benefit.

(Contributed by: Edward Rooth)

BT is planning to upgrade a number of broadband exchanges to Infinity and it is being done on the basis of interest shown by any given community.

So, the more people who vote at the better.

It only takes a moment, and you can see where we are in terms of ranking and votes counted.

There is a cut off date to this process, so the sooner people vote the better.

Please pass this onto as many people within the BoA exchange area and encourage them to sign up for this!

(Contributed by: Andrew Eberlin)

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