Locals fear car park will stop being used as charges are too high

PEOPLE are raising fears over the cost of parking near the canal at Avoncliff, fearing it may be putting parked cars on local roads.

With charges being £2 for up to one hour, £3.50 for up to two hours and £4.50 for the whole day, people in the area feel the car park at Avoncliff is beginning to be ignored.

Susan Diamond commented online: “I was shocked to see what the charge is. If you want to go for a walk then have a bite to eat at the pub, for say three hours the charge is £4.50.

“We were in Avoncliff twice last week and most people were parking on the other side of the canal as it is free.

“There was just one car in the car park on both days.”

Tracy Chorley said: “These prices are why we don’t go here anymore.”

Emma Wilkinson said: “It’s been like that for a while. It is a shame because I quite often drive there and then walk along the canal.”

The lease on the hamlet’s 16-space car park, used by 19,000 people a year, ended in March 2016 after Wiltshire Council decided not to spend £15,00 a year renewing it.

Just weeks later it was saved when Avoncliff Community Group received £5,000 each from Westwood Parish Council and Bradford on Avon area board towards the scheme.

The £10,000 went towards constructing a wall on the car park’s western boundary, as well as barriers.

It is now privately owned and managed by Total Parking Solutions. A spokesman from the company confirmed that the prices have stayed the same since they took over the car park in 2015, but would not provide any further comment regarding locals’ worries over charges.

This is Wiltshire


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