Ask BoA: Jackdaws massing between Trowbridge Road?

I was wondering if anyone else in bradford was aware, and could shed some light on the extraordinary amount of jackdaw birds that seem to be massing between trowbridge rd, and the golf course every morning???
I would very much appreciate any info on the subject, these birds, as much as i am a fan, are very loud and wake me every morning. As i am unable to do anything about them i thought i would do all i can to find out about why they are here and in such numbers!

(Contributed by: Daniel McWade)


    • According to a RSPB friend and expert birder they roost in Great Bradford Wood on the Moulton Estate. We also hear them every morning and can almost set our clock by their flying over; we occasionally hear them return at dusk as well, just as noisily!

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