Ask BoA: Interested in going to/helping to start a netball/basketball team?

Hi, I’ve just moved to Bradford on Avon, I’d be interested in going to/helping to start a netball/basketball team.
Please leave a comment if you’re interested.
(Contributed by: Isabel)


    • Hi Isabel

      I’d be interested- although its been a while since I last played!


    • Hi Isabel,

      I work in Bradford on Avon so would be interested in playing netball on a weekday after 6pm ish as long as it was not too competitive!


    • Hello Isabel,

      I have recently had a second child and need to get back into shape, and would love to play netball again, although haven’t played since school team!


    • Hi Isabel – I would be interested if it was a weekday evening (havent played since school days though!)

    • Hi, I would also be interested. Thanks for posting the suggestion. Jo

    • Hi,

      WOW didn’t expect such a response 😀 looks like we are well on our way to a team. Don’t worry I’m not a pro or anything haha. Anyone know a place where we can play?


    • Perhaps St Laurence may let us use their facilities? It’s been a while since I played. We need at least 2 more people i guess? Very excited- need to get fit after having my last baby and Zumba just wasnt for me!

    • hi, sorry it’s taken me five days to reply, i have so many emails just deleting some now lol. I guess we probably would need 2 more people, I’m new so know no one ha, do you know anyone? I can enquire at st Laurence’s if you want?


    • Hey Isabel
      Just seen all the netball posts! I’d be interested and have just moved to the area too! Let me know if its still a goer! Although can barely remember the rules so i’d need a refresher!! I’d be happy to help set it up if you need a spare pair of hands!

    • Hey Isabel,

      I am about to move to Bradford on Avon (mid feb) and would love to take part and meet a few people. I haven’t played since school so would also need a refresher! Let me know if its still on.


    • Hi Isabel!

      I realise im kinda late to the party but if its still on Id love to have a go.

      I recently moved to the area too 🙂 hope ur settling in ok!


    • I’ve noticed there are a couple of newbies too, does anyone fancy meeting for a drink?

    • Isabel,
      Are you still interested in running the netball group? Looks like we have enough people interested now to make it happen!

    • HI ALL!! 😀 yeah would love to meet for a drink when does everyone fancy it? I am okay with any time apart from a Wednesday night when i go to a marshal arts class called choi which is also pretty cool its 7pm until 8pm at the local primary school if anyone would enjoy that 😀 x

    • Oh, sorry to say to Rachel, help would be awesome as I not a pro or anything lol

    • oh and also, lol, I obviously don’t think before I type ha. If anyone has facebook, feel free to add me it’s Isabel R. Burnside. 😀

    • Hi All,

      I have moved to BOA in the past 6 months from Australia so dont know a heap of people so would be keen to meet new people as well as play netball (been a few years however since I last played).

      If you end up needing more people would love to be included.

      Alicia 🙂

    • Hey Alicia,

      We are meeting up this thursday at 8pm at the Castle pub I think. It would be great to see you there if you still fancy it-we will just be discussing things about starting a team 😀


    • That sounds great. I will come along thanks. See you Thursday.

    • Hi Isabel,

      Just checking in and wondering if it would be ok if my neighbour joined tonight too as she was interested.


    • Hi everyone, not checked this for a while and am busy tonight so won’t be able to meet in the pub. I am still really keen though so please let me know what happens at the meeting.

      Caroline 🙂

    • Hi Alicia,that’s absolutely fine 🙂 tonight we are just meeting up to talk about it all really.
      I think it’s 8pm at the castle pub, will let you know if it’s changed:)

    • Yes 8pm at the castle see you there ladies!!

    • Hi

      I would be keen to join a local sociable netball team – did you manage to organize anything?


    • Hi Jen,

      We joined an existing club which was set up as a “Back to Netball” club a few years ago. Its every friday @ 7pm at St Laurence School. Due to the easter holidays it wont be on until school starts again.

      You are very welcome to join, it’s really fun.


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