Glow runners join in the fun to help three local schools

MORE than 270 people got covered in powder, paint and foam in Bradford on Avon last Saturday – but it was all in a good cause!

Families were encouraged to dress up in colourful costumes that blinked, shone, sparkled and glowed.

They were all trying to raise funds for three local primary schools by taking part in the fun that was the Bradford on Avon Glow Run

Up to 276 parents, families, their friends and children booked in to run two kilometres in the dark, while getting sprayed in coloured powder paints and rolling in the foam.

Charlotte Adcock, of the organisers Westview & Shambles Day Nursery, said: “It was really good fun and really successful. All the families had lots of fun and some of them did it twice. We think we have raised over £800 and there was a really good vibe.

“We had more than 100 families book in between Friday and Saturday. It was a really good family fun event.

“In previous years, we also had a £5k event which was quite competitive. This year, we decided to organise just a 2k event which was fun and family orientated.

“It was a fantastic event for the community and we hope to see them all again next year.”

Among the glow runners were Melanie and Alfie Halliday. Melanie said: “Alfie ran the course twice! 4km without stopping! It was a great event, we loved it!”

Laura and Paige Smith said: “We had a great evening at the Glow Run, it was a fantastic family event. My daughter loved that we were both in fancy dress, which never happens, and getting to throw the paint around was huge highlight for her!

“We both had great fun with friends, raised money for our school and best of all she was exhausted and ready for bed when we got home!”

Sean Morris added: “Just a quick note to say a huge thank you to you and the team for arranging another fantastic Glow Run on Saturday.

“This really does get better and better every year and even my nephews came from Worcester this year to enjoy the event as they had heard so much about it from previous years. The foam machine, fairground rides, BBQ and illuminous paint helped get the excitement levels to a new high as well as raising money for a good cause.

“Lastly, I walked the dogs in the field at 7am on Sunday morning and there was not a trace of the event from the previous night. Very impressive, you must have all worked so hard so thank you again from me and four very happy kids!”

The event took place in Culver Field, off Pound Lane, and was sponsored by Bradford on Avon-based Varn Digital Marketing.

The proceeds from the Glow Run will go to the Fitzmaurice Primary School, and the Westwood with Iford and Winsley primary schools.

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