Getting involved with town’s radio

Members of the public tried their hand at radio presenting at the weekend as an open day was held at the West Wilts Radio station in Bradford on Avon.

Directors David Garwood and Simon McNeill-Ritchie are in the process of setting up a community radio station at the Youth and Community and Centre and are looking for more people to get involved.

The station will be going live in September.

Mr Garwood said: “The open day went really well and we had a really steady string of people come in throughout the day who all showed a lot of interest.

“There were also a lot of really great ideas for various radio shows.

The youth club at the centre were also introduced to the radio station during their session on Tuesday night.

Mr Garwood added: “The youth club were also very pleased to see the studio and we have arranged to do some talks with them when the studio is finally finished as there is still a fair amount of work to do.”

This is Wiltshire


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