Fears over speeding voiced on social media

PEOPLE’S fears about the danger caused by speeding traffic in Bradford on Avon have grown so high they have launched a campaign for speed limits to be cut.

After a collision on Bath Road on Monday (March 25) morning, many people have joined social media pleas for the speed limit there to be changed from 40mph to 30mph. The 40mph speed limit is currently in place up to just before Ashley Road.

Resident Charlie Tomlinson was one of those who spoke out on the Spotted in Bradford community Facebook page.

He said: “I see there’s been a car collision on Bath Road this morning. I hope no-one has been hurt.

“Last year I spent a lot of my own time lobbying the town council, Ideal Bradford, our MP and Wiltshire Council to get them to look at the 40mph speed limit on Bath Road.

“It was found that the majority of cars didn’t go above 40mph but there was no possibility of lowering the limit to 30mph.

“Cars leaving the drives of houses on Bath Road take their lives into their own hands as visibility to oncoming traffic is very poor.

“I asked for warning signs of concealed driveways to be put up on the approach to town. I heard no more, perhaps it’s time to get our voices heard on this matter.”

Leader of Bradford Town Council Dominic Newton commented: “I fully support this call and would very much like to see the 40mph zones pushed much further out from the town, particularly on Bath Road and Winsley Road. However, this is in the gift of Wiltshire Highways to deliver, the town council can only express a view, which we will continue to do so. There is a (town council) highways meeting on April 9 which is the best way to get this on the record again. Feel free to raise it in the public session.”

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