Faster broadband from BT

millie-thumb.jpgBT is planning to roll out the next phase of superfast broadband and will be prioritising areas that show the most enthusiasm.

This is the same method that they used in the initial roll out of broadband a few years ago; so it is important that we get as many local residents to support this as possible.

You can do so here:

Thanks for your help!

(Contributed by: Andrew Eberlin)


    • I’ve noticed that only 179 votes have been submitted to request faster broadband for B on A on the BT website;

      There must be more than 179 residents of B on A who would like fast broadband service. There are about 9,000 people living in B on A.

      Perhaps an awareness focus would help to increase the votes, which are easily submitted at the touch of a button?

      Best wishes,
      Amber Nisbett

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